5 Places You MUST Visit In Tricity This Spring (2017)

It’s the first time we’re posting our foodie recommendations for Tricity (Gdańsk – Sopot – Gdynia) so we thought it might be a good idea to start with a few evergreens. Some of the places have been around for years, others have made it to our top within a couple of months. All in all, pick any and you can’t go wrong. Looking for something Polish? There you go! Have more of a sweet tooth? You’re covered! And how about something for a more special occasion? We deliver:) So here we go, our top 5 foodie venues for spring 2017 (randomly ordered;)!


Mąka i Kawa


photo: Eat Polska


If we were to nominate one place in Poland to be the country’s pizza capital, Gdynia would definitely rank high on the list. It’s a miracle city for an Italian craving for the comforts of mamma’s food. But hey, not only Italians know that “pizza doesn’t ask questions, pizza understands”, do they? So when you’re in Tricity and feel like it’s your pizza day, do yourself a favour and hit this small pizzeria and shop in Gdynia’s main shopping street. The menu is short and offers well-known classics like calabrese or capriciosa, always made from Italian flour and tomatoes. There’s also home-roasted coffee and Italian olive oil to take away. If you’re looking for a wider menu choice (including pastas and salads), good news is Mąka i Woda now has a bigger branch in Galeria Metropolia in Gdańsk.


Mąka i Kawa, ul. Świętojańska 65, Gdynia; ul. Jana Kilińskiego 4, Gdańsk (map below).


Szafarnia 10


photo: Eat Polska


Great occasions call for great places, right? If you happen to be celebrating a birthday while in Gdańsk, or whenever you feel like making just any day special, Szafarnia 10 should be your pick. The restaurant overlooks the Gdańsk marina and has great views of the old Main Town. Ok, but it’s not for the views you come here, do you? In 2016 chef Grzegorz Labuda was awarded Best Traditional Polish Cuisine Chef in northern Poland by the Gault et Millau guide so that you know what to expect. The dishes prepared at Szafarnia are far from “your Polish grandma” style, though. The chef carefully matches ingredients to prepare plates that combine highest quality meat or fish with rarely used local specialities like elderberries, Polish “kasza” (groats) or swede and serves them fine-dining style. Pair it with good wine and celebrate your special day!


Szafarnia 10, ul. Szafarnia 10, Gdańsk (map below).


Pobite Gary


photo: Eat Polska


A modern classic, some might say. This cozy bistro is located quite away from the main tourist attractions of the Tricity like Gdansk Main Town or Sopot (even though there is plan b for those unwilling to travel a little further: read on!:) but well worth a visit! Start early and get your breakfast there. If you’re a bit fed up with your all-the-same hotel breakfast, you won’t find a more varied alternative in the whole Gdańsk, we guess: eggs any way you can imagine, toast, cereal, even the classic Polish “leniwe” – you name it. But Pobite Gary is also a great location for a relaxed dinner with friends. Chef Rafał Brzoskowski’s menu features many Polish classics (if you’re looking for them) like smalec-fried pork chop, kaszanka or żurek, but those craving for bbq ribs, burgers or pizza won’t be disappointed either. Wash it down with some local beer from Bytów brewery and enjoy a perfect meal!
So what’s the plan b mentioned above? Good news is, since a couple of months, Pobite Gary has another branch in Wrzeszcz so it’s a shorter way from Gdansk center:)


Pobite Gary, ul. Bitwy Oliwskiej 34, Gdańsk; ul. Słowackiego 21, Gdańsk (map below).


Dwie Zmiany


photo: Eat Polska


Monte Cassino Heroes’ St. (locally known as Monciak, you may try to twist your tongue and try to pronounce it: ‘mohn-ch-ee-ak) is the Bourbon Street of Sopot. Which means: don’t expect the locals to wine or dine there! However, there is a glorious exception. Dwie Zmiany is a cooperative run by artists (musicians, designers, architects) and it works as a gallery, music venue and – which is of primary importance for us here – a restaurant. And we believe it’s among the best places for lunch or dinner in this busy seaside party street. The menu changes with the seasons (which is slowly becoming a standard in good Polish restaurants) and is based on local ingredients, so you’ll always have a choice of fish and if you’re more into pork, hey, it’s Poland, we’re the second biggest pig-eaters’ country in Europe, so we’d be surprised not to see pork on the menu. What we also love about the place are their infusions/lemonades (depending on the season) served in carafes. Dwie Zmiany is probably the most laid back venue in Monciak and we love to pop up there for coffee, lunch or wine. Which is what we recommend you do, while in Sopot.


Dwie Zmiany, ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino 31, Sopot (map below).




photo: Eat Polska


Big cities without at least one place like that should pay a special ‘you’re-doing-it-wrong’ tax. Umam is a patisserie that you may remember from your foodporn dreams: the first stage after you enter is strong will to order everything (just look at those elegant works of culinary art!), then you spend a couple of minutes creating an order shortlist, finally, when eating the last bite from your plate, you start wondering whether they offer takeaway boxes (they do!). Krzysztof Ilnicki, the man behind this dream-come-true, gained his experience working as mater patissier in renowned London restaurants (Mirabelle, Hakkasan), so exquisite flavours are guaranteed! Our favourite pick is the sea buckthorn dessert (with great balance of sweet and sour) but the menu depends on the day. We especially like Umam’s locaton in the modern Garnizon (Gdańsk Wrzeszcz), but there’s also a branch nearby the Main Town for those who prefer a dessert with a view.


Umam, ul. Hemara 1, Gdańsk; ul. Szafarnia 11, Gdańsk (map below).


Map of locations:


Text: Michał Sobieszuk
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