5 Places You MUST Visit In Warsaw This Winter (2016/2017)

Warsaw food scene has never been more dynamic (at least while we’re alive) which means that picking 5 new recommendations every few months is a bit of a challenge. But here we go: a selection of (mostly) new food locations that we feel are worth having a look at this winter. Not including Hala Koszyki, which is worth a separate post:)


Ed Red


photo: Eat Polska


There aren’t very many places we’re going to hype more than this one. If you’ve been to our Food Tour in Kraków, you will already know Ed Red. Now 2 years after thriving in Kraków chef Adam Chrząstowski is opening a branch of his meat-oriented restaurant in Warsaw. Hurray! First things first: if you’re craving for a good steak and are not looking to spend your week’s dinner worth, don’t go anywhere else. Ed Red specializes in seasoning beef and you can get great, delicious and considerable (size-wise) cuts for about 40-70 PLN (10-17 EUR or USD). Other than this, the menu is full of mouth-watering offal dishes you should not be afraid to try. Seriously! Last but not least, the restaurant is located in an old food hall, just next to Warsaw’s most famous food market – you see that there are just too many reasons to visit.


Ed Red, pl. Mirowski 1


Inny Wymiar


photo: Eat Polska


What we always love is chefs not avoiding traditional Polish flavours and restaurateurs not afraid of showcasing them on the menu. And luckily, this is the case of the newly-opened Inny Wymiar, right in the city centre. What you’ll find on the menu are some proper Polish classics, yet served in a modern, and a little fancy way: your pork chop will arrive with a fried duck egg and potato salad, the mielony (minced meat cutlet) will be served burger-style with buckwheat croquets (a bit too fatty, though), traditional broth will be based on duck, hare and beef rather than chicken. The actual highlight you definitely shouldn’t miss though, is red borsch on fermented beets served with kulebiak, a type of baked eastern Polish dumpling. Delicious! There’s also a well equipped bar on the premises so top your meal off with a cocktail.


Inny Wymiar, ul. Świętokrzyska 14


Bez Gwiazdek


photo: Eat Polska


Foodies, rejoice! And meet Mr Robert Trzópek. He used to work as a chef at Warsaw’s Tamka 43 and if that is not enough as a recommendation for you, how about Noma and El Bulli? So now you might think we’re heading for the super exclusive fine dining experience and you that’s how you probably imagine the TOTAL on the bill. Don’t worry, Bez Gwiazdek (or B*, translated as ‘No Stars’) will not ruin you, even though only 4-6 dishes tasting menu is available. It changes every few weeks and focuses on seasonal produce and Polish regions. The Mazovian menu featured beet and marinated quince, czernina – the duck blood soup, wild mushroom consommé or dessert based on pear, plums and marinated onions. Sommelier Adrian Górniak will be happy to recommend wines, many available by glass (including some Polish ones!). B* is fine dining-quality food in a laid-back atmosphere and the menus are priced between 80 and 120 PLN (20-30 USD or EUR) so, as you may understand, booking is highly recommended!
Tip: The restaurant only opens at 6pm so don’t come too early!


Bez Gwiazdek, ul. Wiślana 8


U Rysia


photo: Eat Polska


One of Polish specialties is sweet water fish. The problem is it’s usually hard to get it, given that most restaurants will find bets like cod or salmon safer, and mussels and other seafood more appealing to aspiring Polish clientele. That’s why we should appreciate U Rysia even more! It’s a very casual and central restaurant where catfish, burbot and perch rule the roost. While the choice of fish served as main course is quite big, what we definitely suggest is to focus on cold starters and soups (preferably accompanied with a bottle of Baczewski vodka they have in stock): you may try such delicacies as lavaret whitefish with oil and onions, perch in vinegar or tench “tripe soup” (with pieces of fish fillet instead of the usual tripe – delicious!). And don’t forget to buy some fish to take home: it’s waiting for you neatly packed in jars.


U Rysia, ul. Marszałkowska 140


Pogromcy Meatów


photo: Eat Polska


Any streetfood fans here? There are plenty among us at Eat Polska, so we couldn’t resist putting this place in our recommendations despite the fact Porgromcy Meatów (aka Meat Busters) are nothing of a new place. On the contrary, they’re nearly a Warsaw classic in their category. The menu is short: you choose among 5-6 sandwiches but given how good they all are, those few options are already too many. Especially that the sandwiches, served in buns baked on the spot, are big enough to make you feel like you’ve just had a proper meal. Our absolute favourite is Żebro (The Rib) with superdelicate pork ribs, chorizo, spicy chimichurri and baked peppers, but there’s also something for beef lovers (cheeks), offal fans (tongue) or poultry enthusiasts (duck). So, what do you think, vegetarians?:) Don’t worry, there’s also caramelized beet sandwich, which will not disappoint you. The prices vary between 20 and 30 PLN (5-7 USD or EUR) so this may feel like a lot but you won’t regret spending your money.


Pogromcy Meatów, ul. Koszykowa 1


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Text: Michał Sobieszuk
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