10 Best Places for Breakfast in Krakow

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a reason. Not only does it give us the energy for the day, it can be super delicious and versatile as well: sweet, savory or both! Remember, you have a whole day to burn off any extra calories, so you can really indulge. Although we don’t really have classic and iconic „Polish breakfast”, we know how to enjoy this meal. In Kraków you can choose from a variety of great breakfast options ranging from quick snacks to real feasts. Check out our guide and have a great breakfast experience in Kraków.


01. Charlotte

open weekdays at 7am, weekends at 9am


Photo: Eat Polska


When it first opened in Warsaw it was much-hyped hipster spot. Now with three locations (Warszawa, Kraków and Wrocław) and huge following, Charlotte is a well-known institution. The breakfast here is served all day and it consists of house-made artisan breads and French pastries, fruit preserves and chocolate spreads. You can also get tartines, quiches, croque-monsieur/madame sandwiches and salads. Making the breakfast boozy is highly recommended.

Charlotte, pl. Szczepański 2


02. Bal

open weekdays at 8:30am, weekends at 9am


photo: Bal


Located in the rapidly developing post-industrial Zabłocie, Bal is a bit off the beaten track. Don’t ignore it though. Zabłocie is an up-and-coming neighborhood and it’s home to great culture institutions: Schindler’s Factory and Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAK). Bal is a modernly designed bistro, situated in old warehouse space. And they have breakfast menu as well! Order a classic Polish plate with cheeses and cold cuts, bagel sandwich or millet porridge.

Bal, ul. Ślusarska 9


03. Hamsa

open weekdays at 10am, weekends at 9am


photo: Hamsa


Authentic Israeli cuisine is the signature of Hamsa. And breakfast in Israel means shakshuka – eggs poached in spicy tomato pepper sauce; top it with some goat cheese and you’re in for something really special. Just think about long-simmered tomato stew, eggs with runny yolks, all of this goodness beautifully seasoned with za’atar. Perfection! You can also get one of the breakfast platters: Jerusalem (savory) or Tel Aviv (sweet). Located in the heart of Kazimierz, Hamsa is a spacious and super cool place to hang out. On the weekends they serve breakfast buffets.

Hamsa, ul. Szeroka 2


04. Le Scandale

open every day at 8am


photo: Le Scandale


While Kazimierz is considered as more laid-back than the Old Town, it has its posh places as well. One of them is Le Scandale. If you’re in a mood for something fancier, Le Scandale is a perfect choice for you. The restaurant is roomy and tastefully decorated with a nice garden space. Their extensive menu showcases modern European cuisine with a beautiful selection of cocktails. Sure, a lot of people would go to Le Scandale for dinner and drinks and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to evening visits. You can feel like a princess (or prince) in the morning too! Their breakfasts (served until 1pm) are delicious and stylish as well. They range from small and simple: toasts with fruit preserves to generous and hearty: all-you-can-eat-breakfast-buffet.

Le Scandale, pl. Nowy 9


05. Milkbar Tomasza

open weekdays at 8am, weekends at 9am


Photo: Eat Polska


„Milk bar” is a Polish icon and popular relic of the communist era. It’s a super cheap cafeteria type of place serving mostly dairy and starch-based foods. Basically you get what you pay for: the food is nourishing, but quite bland and you often eat it with aluminum bent cutlery. Don’t get scared though! Milkbar Tomasza is a milk bar in name only or as they describe themselves „modern style milkbar”. This centrally located atmospheric bistro serves simple and tasty food, yet very affordable. Their most popular breakfast item is Irish breakfast.

Milkbar Tomasza, ul. św. Tomasza 24


06. Alchemia od Kuchni

open Mondays at 10am, rest of the week at 8am


photo: Alchemia


Alchemia od Kuchni is a younger sister of Alchemia – iconic Kraków bar in the heart of Kazimierz. While the original place is a classic watering hole, Alchemia od Kuchni is all about food. Their regular menu is quite short, but has a lot of trendy foods like quinoa. Breakfast is a big deal and people from Alchemia Od Kuchni get it. They have a separate breakfast menu with vegan  (chickpea cake or oatmeal) and vegetarian (few more) options clearly labeled. Egg fans will find a lot of tasty options here.

Alchemia od Kuchni, ul. Estery 5


07. Moment

open every day at 9am


photo: Moment


This cosy place with 70’s style op-art wallpaper and retro furniture is located in the heart of Kazimierz. It’s a great way to start the day. Lazy morning at Moment can easily turn into afternoons (the breakfast is served till 4pm). And in the summer you can sit in the window sills and watch the street life. Even though the brunch culture is only now becoming a thing in Poland, Moment praises itself as a perfect brunch spot. They have an extensive breakfast menu with proper English breakfast, French-style breakfast with delish pastries and house-made fruit preserves and a lot of seasonal options. The Winter breakfast consists of kale pesto toasts, poached eggs and fried bacon – yum!

Moment, ul. Józefa 26


08. Jajownia

open weekdays at 9am, Sundays at 10am


photo: Jajownia


If you like eggs as much as we do, you’re going to love Jajownia. Delicious and healthy, eggs are a perfect breakfast food. Jajownia is a new and interesting addition to Kraków’s vivid food scene. This small egg-centric bistro serves a variety of sandwiches with egg spreads and egg salads. Try delicious trout sandwich or go with a classic: fluffy scrambled eggs, omelet or comforting and tasty shakshuka. FYI: the eggs are free-range and they bake their own sourdough bread.

Jajownia, ul. Dajwór 23


09. Pan i Pani Smith

open weekdays at 8am, weekends at 9am


photo: Pan i Pani Smith


Pan i Pani Smith is a low-key bistro perfect for a light breakfast and a nice cup of coffee. Located on Krupnicza street it’s outside of the busy, touristy area but still in the city center. Their breakfast menu is heavy on the house-baked bread and pastries. There’re also healthy and fit options like scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cottage cheese with sprouts.

Pan i Pani Smith, ul. Krupnicza 14


10. Sissi Organic Bistro

open everyday at 9am


photo: Sissi Organic Bistro


Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Princess Sissi is the namesake for this cute eatery. The place has an atmospheric backyard with a fountain. Great place for a date, but why not breakfast? Treat yourself to a hearty Franz Josef (Sissi’s husband) breakfast set with frankfurters, eggs and bacon or refined Princess Sissi set with yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.

Sissi Organic Bistro, ul. Krupnicza 3


Text: Halina Jasonek
We’re Eat Polska. We run culinary tours about food and vodka in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. We’re also passionate foodies and city explorers, and this blog is where we share our hints with you.