ZRÓB NAM DOODLE’A! / DO YOU DOODLE? [entries & results]


[updates with stage one results and the contest winner below]

After a few weeks of waiting, here they are! You submitted nearly 30 designs for our doodle contest out of which 17 made it to the voting stage. And we’re delighted to post them here on our blog in a form of a gallery and, most importantly, on our facebook page where voting takes place between today noon and 20 January, 23:59 (all times CET). Go ahead and cast your vote!



What a finish that was! We posted a gallery of qualified entries on 12 January and the voting continued for 9 days but it was the last three when it really took off and turned into a race! The leader remained unchanged but it was a true rollercoaster in positions 2-5. At 23:59 on 20 January we counted all the votes and posted the result as a comment after each of the doodles (and took some screenshots, in case likes added after deadline changed anything:), and we’re proud to announce the finalists:

Pawel Paciorek (175 votes)
Izabela Miechowicz (155 votes)
Ewa Szozda (140 votes)
Adrianna Gajdziszewska (136 votes)
Natalia Jaworska (128 votes)


Let us now take a deep breath. We need to make the final decision and choose the winner, what a responsibility! We will take a look at how the designs respond to the contest’s requirements (clear connections with Polish food, vodka and cities, easy to interpret and remember, scalable) and which appeal to us most in terms of style and character. We’re excited!

We will be posting the final results and the winner on Sunday, 24 January, afternoon. Stay tuned!


(tadam tadam tadam!)


We are really impressed with how it all went: 30 submissions, 17 stage one designs, 5 finalists and, naturally, one and only winner. In the voting stage you left over 1100 likes under your favourite doodles but the differences between most popular entries were really small. We carefully looked at all the finalists and considering all the pros and cons we decided…

…that the prize goes to…

Ewa Szozda


Ewa Szozda

Ewa Szozda

Why did we like it?

Ewa’s doodle grabbed our attention with a very clear, simple graphic design based on distinct black lines. At the same time, the work is characterized by specific, easy to recognize style that combines artitic professionalism with a sense of humour (a drunk pigeon? lorry-sized oscypek? a pigeon in a carrot spaceship? We’re all for it!). What is more, Ewa’s design doesn’t really include elements that would be a distraction from the main topic, that is Polish food & drink, and Polish cities where we run our tours. We totally loved the idea of making our logo an actual part of the picture (see the goose biting off a little part of it?). An extra point was given for scalability: the work is made of curves which allows for easy reproduction. So the message is clearly delivered, the format allows for easy copying and the light style of the designer makes us want to look at the doodle forever:) To the winner! Na zdrowie!