Concise Guide To Polish Bread

An English speaking person works eagerly to bring home the bacon. A Polish speaking person still works solely for their bread. It may seem like a purely idiomatic play of words, but the truth is, Poles do love their bread. And they miss it, whenever they go abroad. In order to help you understand our deep-rooted love for bread we decided to prepare a little guide to Polish bread.

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5 Places You MUST Visit In Warsaw This Winter (2016/2017)

Warsaw food scene has never been more dynamic (at least while we’re alive) which means that picking 5 new recommendations every few months is a bit of a challenge. But here we go: a selection of (mostly) new food locations that we feel are worth having a look at this winter. Not including Hala Koszyki, which is worth a separate post:)

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5 Best Farmers’ Markets In Krakow

Autumn is the best time of the year when it comes to fresh vegetables. Marketplaces all over the country are sprawling with fresh veggies. Pumpkins, Brussels sprouts, root vegetables and a real apple extravaganza. But most of modern Polish marketplaces are not only about carrots and apples. You can buy local goods in jars which work great as souvenirs, try something tasty (like a traditional stuffed jacket potato) or simply go eye shopping. There’s plenty of markets in Krakow and some of them are definitely worth a visit. Here’s our top 5!

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Warsaw Ice Cream Guide

If they tell you: ‘It’s the end of August, time to start thinking about getting cold’, you should only interpret it one way: time for ice cream! Poland is the country where ‘lody’ is one of the most popular signs in touristy places but are all those places worth a visit? Come on, let’s find out where you can try the best craft and interesting ice cream in Warsaw and take your mom, dad, children, friends or strangers to share this tangible and simple happiness!

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Polish Food to Look Out for in the Spring

Polish winters aren’t exactly polar, though they do tend to fall on the harsh side. Don’t get it wrong, we love a white cover of snow as much as anyone else, but after five months of wading through it we’re thrilled to see the sun break out and melt the damn stuff. Even though summer is still a couple of months away, we know that great things are waiting along the way—and, like most great things, they’re edible! Come join us in the search for Polish springtime must-haves.

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Eat Gdansk & Gdynia: We’re Launching Tours in Tricity!

When the family grows, it’s time to celebrate! And this March we’re happy and proud to announce that our Eat Polska project is now a family of three: Warsaw, Krakow and Tricity! Wait a sec, Tri… what?! You may have not heard this name but at the same time, may have already booked your holidays in one of the hotels there!:)

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10 Best Places for Breakfast in Krakow

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a reason. Not only does it give us the energy for the day, it can be super delicious and versatile as well: sweet, savory or both! Remember, you have a whole day to burn off any extra calories, so you can really indulge. Although we don’t really have classic and iconic „Polish breakfast”, we know how to enjoy this meal. In Kraków you can choose from a variety of great breakfast options ranging from quick snacks to real feasts. Check out our guide and have a great breakfast experience in Kraków.

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