Warsaw Ice Cream Guide

If they tell you: ‘It’s the end of August, time to start thinking about getting cold’, you should only interpret it one way: time for ice cream! Can you recall this unique sound that would announce the moment of the best delight for the palate in summer? That’s right; it’s the ice cream truck coming. Even though you are older now, there is still a part of you that is waiting impatiently for a portion of your favourite ice cream. Fortunately you are free to choose where to go in order to treat yourself with a delicious scoop of ice cream – you are an adult after all 😉  Poland is the country where ‘lody’ is one of the most popular signs in touristy places but are all those places worth a visit? Come on, let’s find out where you can try the best craft and interesting ice cream in Warsaw and take your mom, dad, children, friends or strangers to share this tangible and simple happiness!



(randomly ordered:)





Malinova is the place that is said to be a tough strong will test. Even if you happen to be on a diet and fight for your “bikini body”, you’ll find it difficult to resist the temptation. Simple reason – flavours are just amazing! Malinova offers best of the best – mainly classical flavours (cream, chocolate, strawberry) but also these with modern twist so you’ll find Oreo flavour or Hello Kitty inspired ice cream – just to please the youngest 😉 What is really worth mentioning is the pistachio flavour which amaze with its smooth, creamy texture and most important- a definite presence of best quality pistachio – not only the flavour is fantastic but you can feel the small pieces of nuts in your scoop. If you dream about a full treat, a real guilty pleasure – don’t worry, there is something special for you – Malinova has a pretty impressive menu of ice cream desserts. Give it a try as the sensation of pure happiness is worth 5 PLN for a scoop.


And forget about all calories – Pole Mokotowskie is just next to it so feel free to take a long walk and leave your feeling of guilt behind 😉


Malinova, al. Niepodległości 130





Another fantastic place to try high quality ice cream that will not let you stop on just one try. Seriously, better be prepared that you will beg to go back there once you try them. If you go alone and don’t want to spend a fortune or you still want to be able to fit in your clothes, you should ask staff to keep you away from the display after two portions. That’s just enough not to overdose creamy pleasure. Lody Prawdziwe is a never ending surprise and for a true ice cream gourmet it may turn into a hunt for the favourite, the one that will be the closest to your dreamy perfection. The current list of flavours is always displayed outside so you can have a quick look while you pass by and make a quick decision to make a short break on your walk on Nowy Świat street. Go and grab your vanilla/nutella/white chocolate or strawberry scoop! All these guilty pleasure for 4 PLN for 50 g portion and if you are like, you’ll get a bit bigger portion as the staff is just lovely 🙂


Lody Prawdziwe, ul. Nowy Świat 22, ul. Świętokrzyska 30




photo: Eat Polska


Ulica Baśniowa not only charms you with its ice cream, but it allures even with the name! Ulica Baśniowa – Fairy Street promises a delicious journey to the world of fairytales and dreams – again you can feel childish excitement. OK, so let’s focus on the essence of the parlour – the ice cream. Whoever comes here feels as if a part of all world great mysteries has been just revealed, and it’s only after a few moments of enjoying classical flavours based on fresh and natural ingredients (chocolate, nuts, strawberry) and those rather rare (elderberry, cheesecake with strawberry, vanilla with raspberry). Ulica Baśniowa tries to meet need of all clients and that is why they offer sugar free, gluten free or vegan ice cream so even the most demanding ice cream eater will find something. And I can tell that probably you’ll see two reactions of people: pure silence or non articulated ooh and ahs everywhere. Try and see what your reaction will be 🙂


Ulica Baśniowa, al. Wojska Polskiego 41




photo: Limoni


It’s time for brave foodies. First of all you have to cross the river and, oh no, explore the right side of the city – a mysterious Praga district! Prepare for a surprise as Praga has a lot to offer, also as a gastronomy area. When you happen to reach the district and you feel bored with all obvious flavours, you just need to check Limoni. Who said that you can use only fruit or typical ingredients as nuts or chocolate to make something spectacular? Limoni broke the rule and they made original flavours. Beetroot, carrot, earl grey, tomato, rosemary, basil, dill – and it’s still a delicious dessert! Classical and hipster flavours are based on old Italian recipes so you may feel comfortable about the quality of all ice cream. Feeling intrigued or sceptical? If so, explore the place and check if vegetables may steal your ice cream lover heart. The size of portion goes well with the price – 4 PLN and you’ll have a bit of Italy on your ice cream cone.


Limoni, ul. Zwycięzców 49, ul. Grzybowska 3, ul. Dąbrowskiego 1




photo: Nitro Lody


Staying in fabulous Praga district, you just cannot miss this well hidden in Saska Kępa Ready for scientific gastro revolution? Nitro Lody opened last year and immediately attracted people at first from the neighbourhood but its fame spread all over the city and soon long queues of fascinated curious waited for the performance. Yes, performance because you can see every step of how your ice cream is made and it’s pure science just in front of you. When the spectacle finishes, and the flavour of your choice (they are as surprising as the whole concept of the place – menu changes very often so better follow their fanpage not to miss any spectacular flavour), you get your ice cream. Here it is, in a cup, with extra decoration on the top (jelly bears, crashed cookies etc.). How does it taste? Definitely amazing. The texture is smoother than in traditional ice cream and the flavour seems to reach higher lever, intensified. Anyone who craves for new experience and is bored with predictable food, Nitro Lody is just a great refresher of tastes and trends.


Tip: they also have a small outlet in Warsaw Old Town in case you’re only hanging around there (which you shouldn’t, by the way!;)


Nitro Lody, ul. Zwyciezców 11, ul. Piwna 4a




In recent years, Warsaw seems to be becoming an impressive centre of great craft ice cream and describing them all would take forever. However there are still a few places that just need to be mentioned. Here is the list of ice cream parlours that didn’t make it to our subjective top 5 but are definitely worth trying:




A hipster place to be – eating ice cream at famous Saviour Square is on a hipster check list. Plus salty caramel is almost a legendary flavour, just delicious.


Sucre – Lody Naturalne, ul. Mokotowska 22




A legendary Old Town location and traditional taste and recipes – never ending queue is the best proof of the locals’ recommendation! Natural ingredients and attention to  quality guarantee great  ice cream experience.


Lody Hoduń, ul. Nowomiejska 9




The most famous ice cream brand in Poland with old family tradition available all over the country that offers 100 flavours! And the best part of it – any time you want to enjoy delicious sorbet (absolutely fantastic – fruity and refreshing) or a traditional flavour scope you just need to find the closest shop and you’re there.


Grycan, ul.Nowy Świat 57/59, ul. Chmielna 21, ul. Puławska 11



Again right side of the city and again Saska Kępa invites to try one of the best ice cream in Warsaw. Classical flavours, generous portions and the beautiful area of Francuska street with Skaryszewski Park just next to it make it all together a perfect afternoon. Some Polish celebrities like to pop in every now and again so you better take some pictures, you might spot someone (locally) famous!


Akwarium, ul. Francuska 50




Do you believe in unicorns? Even if you don’t, this place will change your opinion. Ice cream that you can try here are so unbelievable in taste as the view of a unicorn. Who knows, maybe if you have a creamy scoop of chocolate, mint or plum flavour, you’ll meet one of this legendary creatures;)


Jednorożec Lody Tradycyjne, ul. Narbutta 38/32


Enjoy delicious moments in our recommended places – after all life is too short to eat second-rate ice cream 😉


Text: Aleksandra Sikora
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