The Food Tour: Gdansk (private)

Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.

– Jonathan Safran Foer

The Food Tour

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  • How much is it and what is included?
  • from PLN260/ person
    • 10+ food tastings
    • water, a shot of vodka and tea or coffee
    • a bilingual foodie guide
    • written summary of the tour
    • tips on pleasant places to visit during your stay

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Quick facts:

  • every day
  • start: between 12:00 and 18:00 (or 12:00-15:00 for groups of 11 and more)
  • duration: 4 hours
  • minimum participants: 1
  • maximum participants: 40
  • pre-booking necessary
  • 10+ tastings (most sitting-down)
  • if you’re looking for regular public tours, click here

What is the Food Tour?


The Food Tour gives you an opportunity to taste fantastic Polish dishes and hear the stories behind them. You will learn why Poles complain about the quality of bread, why they somethimes long for food produced in the 70s, why you can’t trust the invitation “for a cup of coffee”.


With our tour, you will discover how food organizes daily life or how it reflects historical and social changes. Not only will you savor with your mouth, but also with your ears.


You will visit at least 4 establishments*, so be prepared for a full meal (and a dessert, of course). There will be also some of walking, so a pair of comfortable shoes would be a good idea. The tour is a friendly walk around the city with a local foodie, so think about it as discovering a new city with a friend.

* groups bigger than 10 participants will visit a minimum of 3 venues in 3 hours. Regardless of that, the number of tastings remains the same.

What will I eat?


When you think about Polish cuisine, there is probably one thing that immediately pops up in your mind and that is pierogi (dumplings). You come to Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk and (un)suprisingly you see that all English-speaking places offer them. Deep in your heart you know that there must be something more to local food than that. If you want to discover Polish cuisine in depth, join Eat Polska tour.


You will be treated to multiple (10 or more) tastings in carefully selected venues representing both traditional and modern Polish cuisine. One shot of vodka and water in most venues is included. Think of the amount of food we will serve as a hearty dinner.

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