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The Tours in Tricity (Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia)

Why Gdynia?

Gdansk, the super-popular seside tourist destination of Northern Poland is part of what, when you grow up in Poland,  you take for granted as an obvious combo: the Tricity. Composed of three very different cities, each element of the jigsaw brings in something unique: historical importance of Gdansk, party vibe of Sopot and modern elegance of Gdynia.

We always strive to provide the most amazing culinary experience and our Tricity food and drink research led us to Gdynia, which is where our Food Tour and Beer Tour takes place.

Gdynia is the newest, most tranquil and modern of the three cities and is easily accessible from both Gdansk and Sopot. Our starting point for the Tricity Food Tour is the SKM (local light rail) platform of Gdynia Główna. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to get there if you’re staying in Gdansk.

How to get to Gdynia Główna?

The easiest, fastest and recommended way to get to our starting point in Gdynia is by SKM light city rail. It’s a 35-min ride from Gdańsk Główny (or 15-min ride from Sopot) and only costs 6 PLN one way. After you make a booking, we will send you a detailed, printable guide (pdf format) on what time you should depart, how to buy tickets and where to get off. You can also find this information on this page.

You will need to take the 12:15pm train from Gdańsk Główny (12:35pm from Sopot) to make it in time for the tour.

Alternatively, we can organize a private transfer from Gdańsk or Sopot at an additional cost of 100 PLN from Gdańsk or 50 PLN from Sopot (total cost for up to 4 persons. If you’d like to book a private transfer for your tour, please use the calendar below.

Book your private transfer here:


Sounds good? Go ahead and book your tour!

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