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We’re Eat Polska

Meet our Gdansk team:

Piotr Sagan


Since 2015 Piotr is part of our Gdańsk team. Born in Gdynia, raised in Gdańsk, chose to study and work in Warsaw, but eventually swapped downtown buzz for mellow, rolling hills of Sopot. As a graduate of cultural studies and a history geek, on his tours he relishes narrating passionately the intricacies of Polish culture and history reflected in crystal clear spirits and traditional cuisine. A connoisseur of craft beers and fine cocktails, albeit not a hipster (or so he says), in love with Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine, claims to make the best tortilla de patatas east of Pyrenees (yet to be objectively proven).


Meet Piotr on the Food Tours and Vodka Tours.

Magdalena Jędrzejewska


Meet Magdalena – financial specialist during the day, culinary guide at night (and weekends;). Good with numbers, even better at cooking and thus always fighting that pierogi-induced, yoyo effect. Loves going out and trying new things but still searching for something that will taste better than freshly baked sourdough bread with butter that her grandma used to make. Living in TriCity area since she was a little kid and like most people here, dividing her time over all three cities – living in Gdynia, working in Gdańsk and partying in Sopot, Magdalena is a great source of knowledge about the area and its food, and also a lot of fun!


Meet Magdalena on the Food Tours.