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„Foodie, writer, she’s a lover, not a fighter” – that’s how one of Halina’s friends captioned an Instagram picture of her. Quite accurate. Halina has been eating and drinking her way through Kraków for 10 years now. She moved there to study psychology and law, but ended up doing things she’s passionate about – writing about music and film and sharing her love for food and beer with Eat Polska guests. Asked about her favorite book she mentions “The Art of Fermentation” by Sandor Katz and goes on about her latest project – fermenting brussels sprouts. An avid beer geek, she travels distances to try the best beers in the world.


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Somebody once said that when Kamila talks about food, your mouth instantly starts watering. She’s just like the rest of our food guides – an Ultimate Foodie. She does not let pass by any opportunity to try to cook or taste something new or different. Kamila’s on a constant hunt for new culinary adventures and endeavours. Her speciality are soups! No matter whether it’s Korean ramen, Polish gherkin soup, minestrone or any other kind: she will make it and it will be good. Kamila grew up in the Eastern part of Poland (Lublin), but has been living in Krakow for over 20 years now with a few minor breaks spent travelling around the world.  That real food enthusiast sure talks a lot, but promises not to bore anyone!


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Paulina speaks for a living: as a radio reporter and as an Eat Polska guide. She loves to talk about food because she loves to eat, cook and invite friends with whom she can spend time at the table. She comes from a small village in the centre of Poland, she has lived in Kraków for 11 years and she loves that city even more than she loves kluski śląskie a.k.a. the Silesian potato dumplings (and she loves them very much!). She knows how to bake perfect duck with apples, how to treat a stomach ache with vodka, how to organise a Polish wedding and where to find the best sausages in the city – and what is more, she’s more than happy to tell you all about it!


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Aleksandra is a truly passionate person. She always puts her heart and soul into anything she does. What’s more she’s great at passing this enthusiasm onto others. That’s probably one of the reasons why she became part of Eat Polska team. Prior to that she guided a variety of tours in Krakow, the city she’s lived in for 12 years and that she’s loved deeply since she first visited as a little girl. She has a flair for baking. Unbelievably delicious cheesecakes are on the top of her baking portfolio. Another sweet delicacy that her family has a long tradition of making is lemon and honey nalewka. If you want to hear some funny stories about it just go ahead and book a tour with Aleksandra!


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Mateusz is now rooted in Kraków, although he was born in a little town called Przemyśl near the Ukrainian border. This provenience makes him especially interested in foreign (especially Eastern) influences in Polish cuisine. After finishing his studies in Kraków Mateusz started to work as a tour leader in Latin America, Southeast Asia and various European countries, but he is always pleased to come back to his favourite city to enjoy its cultural and culinary scene. He feeds his passion for food with specialist magazines and blogs for foodies. Apart from cooking, he bakes sourdough bread and makes kefir, so be sure to ask for some tips on fermentation!


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Oh no! A bearded man again?! Tomek is yet another man who makes all sociologists ask a question – “Does having a beard make someone a beer geek, or does being a beer geek make someone grow a beard?”. Tomek has lived in Krakow for 2 years but he comes from a little town called Klucze, which is nearby the Polish Kings’ City and that’s why he knows every brick in Florianska Street. A pasionate, experienced homebrewer by night, and assistant in a craft beer shop… also by night, because by day he studies bioengineering at the University of Agriculture. Are you wondering why brewers don’t like beta-glucans? Ask him! And if your questions involve much less biochemistry, he will also respond to them with a flush of excitement all over his face.


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Karol was born and raised in Krakow which he regards as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Apart from guiding beer tours he specializes in studying different cultures and teaches sociology and cultural anthropology. During his free time he also rocks on with his band, where he plays guitar. He can talk for hours about beer and topics connected to it. Having experienced the advent of craft beer revolution in Poland and openings of first craft beer bars in Krakow, he offers a local perspective on Polish beer, at the same time giving you insight into the culture of the country.


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