Terms and Conditions


Thank you for booking a tour with Eat Polska! We are looking forward to introducing you to the spectacular Polish food and culture! Should you have any questions ahead of the tour, please feel free to contact us at book {at} eatpolska.com or call +48 661 368 758.


‘Eat Polska’ is a brand of ‘Polska To Tu sp. z o. o.’ and this company will issue the invoice. Full company billing details are: Polska To Tu spółka z ograniczoną oodpowiedzialnością, ul. Koźla 16/18, 00-228 Warszawa, Poland, VAT no PL5252823850, REGON no 386122965, KRS no 0000842226.


Eat Polska tours and/or classes must be prepaid in full using options available on the website. Card payments are processed by PayPro SA Agent Rozliczeniowy, ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, entered on the National Court Register (KRS) kept by the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the following numbers: KRS 0000347935, NIP 7792369887, Regon 301345068. Bank transfer and PayPal are available as payment options upon request.


Eat Polska / Polska To Tu sp. z o. o. shall assume no responsibility for accidents or damages beyond the control of Eat Polska / Polska To Tu sp. z o. o. occurred during the tour. In such case the participant does not place any responsibility at the side of our company and shall abandon any claims on Eat Polska / Polska To Tu sp. z o. o. for any accidents, damages or injuries occurred during the tour.


Our booking form includes a section allowing for entering information about allergies and food restrictions of customers booking a tour/class. Please remember to mention allergies or dietary restrictions of all people you are booking for. If you’re booking outside of our online system, please inform us about food allergies or dietary restrictions in your group. If we are unable to cater for a particular requirement, we will inform you via email and cancel your booking, refunding any payment made. Please note we are only able to cater for food allergies and certain dietary restrictions (e.g. religious) but not food preferences. We strictly cannot accommodate vegan guest on all tours and classes and we don’t offer a gluten-free version of our pierogi classes. If you don’t mention allergies or restrictions when making a booking but learn about them later you can update us via email up to 48h before the tour. We will not be able to change the menu upon receiving information about food requirements only in the beginning of the tour.


The participant, on behalf of his/herself and/or any person or entity acting through or on behalf of participant, fully comprehends and accepts all of the risks associated with his/her participation in the tours/classes including exposure to unfavorable weather conditions, food sickness, injuries (e.g. those arising out of self-inflicted accidents or mishaps, other participants, automobiles, pedestrians and the like).

If the guide responsible for the tour/ class shall consider the participant to be unreliable or otherwise inapt for the tour/class (drunk, aggressive, behaving in a way making continuation of the tour/class difficult or impossible etc). s/he may refuse to accept the participant on the tour/class, or ask the participant to leave the tour/class. The refusal for safety reasons is not grounds for a refund.


The meeting point for our tours depends on the type of tour and is agreed and described in email correspondence. In case of tours or classes including transportation, pick up point will be agreed upon in email correspondence.


Please be punctual for the tour. In case of problems with locating the starting point or any other reason for running late, please call our office at +48 661 368 758. In case of a slight delay (up to 5 minutes past the set starting time), the guide will wait for the participants at the starting point. If the delay is bigger than 5 minutes, the tour will start without you and we will direct you to the first tour location where you will be able to join the group. In case of running late and lack of contact, the tour guide shall consider the situation a ‘no show’ and your reservation will be cancelled. Please note running late is not grounds for a refund.


Our tours are held regardless of the weather conditions. In the case of rain we will do our best to make accommodations along the route. Bad weather conditions are not grounds for cancelling the tour unless they make it impossible or extremely uncomfortable to walk. No refund is available if you decide not to take the tour because of unfavourable weather conditions.


If a participant cancels ahead of the tour, depending on the time of cancellation, some part of the payment may not be refunded due to the cost of bookings we make. The following rates apply:


* cancelling up to 48h before the tour: 100% of the price is refunded;

* cancelling less than 48h before the tour or a no show: 0% of the price is refunded;


* cancelling up to 14 days before the tour: 100% of the deposit is refunded;

* cancelling between 14 days and 48h before the tour: 50% of deposit is refunded;

* cancelling less than 48h before the tour or a no show: 0% of the price is refunded.

The minimum number of participants to start a public tour is 2 (two). In case of not reaching the minimum number at least 24h ahead of the scheduled start of the tour, Eat Polska will cancel the tour and refund all payments received.

If Eat Polska must cancel a tour for any other reason, we will naturally refund all payments received.

By making a payment you confirm to agree to the Terms and Conditions.