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Vodka Tour
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Vodka Tour WARSAW

290.00  3 hours 30 minutes

Poland boasts of being one of the best manufacturers of vodka in the world. It is also a place which many imagine to be the country where people have a glass of vodka for breakfast, then one for lunch and another before going to bed. Is that all true? Are Polish vodkas really good? And does vodka have any flavour at all? How is it produced and can you make it at home? The tour will answer all the questions, including those you may be afraid to ask!


  • every day
  • start: 17:00
  • duration: 3.5 hours
  • minimum participants: 2
  • maximum participants: 8
  • pre-booking necessary

If the date you'd like to book for is unavailable or there are not enough spots available, please contact us as we might be able to open an extra tour for you.
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IMPORTANT! Please make sure you pick the starting time of the tour (even though in most cases only one starting time is available, your booking won't go through if you don't select it!).