Ultimate Polish Vodka Tasting Experience

7 vodkas, 6 food pairings, 2 hours, 1 of a kind experience

Tuesdays and Saturdays, 6pm


What is included in the tasting?

Try 7 quintessential Polish vodkas

Our choice of all-time classics makes it a definitive selection of Polish vodkas

Enjoy classic vodka appetizers

You will be served 6 quite substantial bites aka Polish zakąski

Learn about vodka

You'll get a crash-course on vodka production, history and culture. And how to drink it!

Get a Vodka Inspector certificate!

You'll learn enough to proudly carry a Junior Vodka Inspector certificate!

Try unique craft vodkas [OPTIONAL]

Add 3 special top-shelf craft vodkas with food pairings at checkout to discover the Next Big Things in the world of vodka!
[+ 69 PLN]

What to expect during the tasting?

Blind tasting

You'll blind-taste a cheap and expensive ultra-premium vodka. Will you guess?

Learn the flavours

You'll learn the differences between rye, wheat and potato vodkas

Meet the champion

You'll taste 3rd best selling vodka in the world

Raise a toast

You'll learn to raise a toast in Polish. And meybe a drinking song?

Birthplace of vodka

Together we'll look for the birthplace of vodka

Next big thing

Get to know the trends and discover the next big thing in the world of vodka



PLN / person


PLN / person


PLN / person

Co zawiera cena:

Created by Madefrom the Noun Project

Wizyta w Winnicy Kamil Barczentewicz

W tym przejazd terenowymi old-timerami do winnicy oraz zwiedzanie winiarni. Po winnicy oprowadzi właściciel - Kamil Barczentewicz.

Created by Madefrom the Noun Project

Komentowana degustacja win z Winnicy Kamil Barczentewicz

Co najmniej 5 win, w tym 3 premiery - degustację prowadzi Kamil Barczentewicz.

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Komentowana degustacja win z Winnicy Heinrich Hartl III

Co najmniej 5 win - degustację prowadzi Paweł Świerczek.

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Regionalny lunch

Dwa dania oraz kieliszek wina z Winnicy Mickiewicz.

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Degustacja lokalnych serów

Wraz z pieczywem i rzemieślniczymi olejami.

Created by Madefrom the Noun Project

Transport z Warszawy lub Krakowa

W dwie strony, samochodem osobowym lub vanem.

Created by Flatartfrom the Noun Project

Kameralna grupa

Maksymalnie 16 miłośników wina.

Created by I Putu Kharismayadifrom the Noun Project

Ubezpieczenie NNW

Do wysokości 30 000 PLN.

Created by David Khaifrom the Noun Project

Wszystkie koszty organizacyjne

A także podatki, opłaty drogowe itp.

See you in Patelnia Patera restaurant!

ul. Wilcza 29a, Warsaw

Ultimate Polish Vodka Tasting Experience

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