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The Vodka Tour

The Vodka Tour

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Contrary to the common belief, our nation does not drink strong spirits for every meal of the day (and those people who do are in substantial minority). However, if you want to learn more about our drinking culture and traditions, book a Vodka Tour and get to know all the mysteries of this world-famous drink.

During our tastings you will have the opportunity to try at least 6 different types of Polish vodka, as well as hear amusing and moving anecdotes about the meaning and influence of this alcohol in Poland. Our tours can be booked in three major Polish cities – Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw. Our qualified guides will answer any question you might have about the local and domestic drinking habits and culture. Thanks to that you will not only experience our culture in a unique way – you will also gain professional expertise, which you can also use to impress your friends!

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