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The Beer Tour: Gdansk

I work until beer o'clock.

– Stephen King

The Beer Tour

The tour is available:


 Warsaw      Krakow

  • How much is it and what is included?
  • PLN290/ person
    • 10+ beer tastings (100-150 ml each)
    • 1 full-size meal
    • beer snacks
    • water
    • written summary of the tour
    • tips on pleasant places to visit during your stay

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Quick facts:

  • every day
  • start: 16:00
  • duration: 3.5 hours
  • minimum participants: 4
  • maximum participants: 8
  • pre-booking necessary
  • 10+ beer tastings (all sitting-down)
  • a full meal
  • private tours available on request

What is the Beer Tour?


We know you know it, but let’s make sure we’re on the same page: are you looking for a pub crawl? You have to keep looking! This is not one of those parties. Our Beer Tour is an insight into the booming world of the 4th biggest beer-consuming nation in Europe where the number of annual craft beer premieres hits 1000 (yes, one thousand!).


The Beer Tour will have the answers to all the questions you might have about the amber brew: Is it traditionally Polish? Is there more to beers than lager? Who holds the cards in the Polish craft world? Can you afford a bottle of the most expensive Polish beer? What are the craziest things local brewmasters add to their beer?


You will visit three carefully selected venues (restaurants and craft beer bars) where you will be treated to a variety of local beers, great food and, last but not least, fascinating stories of Polish beer. Our guides are home brewers, hop heads or industry insiders so you’re guaranteed a professional yet absolutely friendly approach. Take a walk with us and you will never want to order a mass-produced lager anymore! (or maybe only when it’s cheaper than water;)

What will I drink?


You will be served at least 10 (or more) different Polish craft beers from the most renowned breweries. If you’re up-to-date with the world of crafts, you may be surprised to taste even some of Polish ‘whalez’! The portions served are 100-150 ml, so the total amount of beer served will be equivalent to 3 pints.


Other than this, you will be served a full-size meal to line your stomach before the tastings as well as some beer snacks with all of the tastings. Water is available in all places we visit.

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