Please go to Book a Tour menu and pick a tour you’re interested in to check availability of the tours and make a reservation. We can take 8 people on our Food Tour, Beer Tour and Vodka Tour, so it’s the early bird rule. If the date you’re interested in is fully booked, please contact us as we may be able to open an extra tour for you. If you’d like to join the tour and it’s less than 2 hours before its scheduled start, please call us (+48 661 368 758) to check last minute availability.

Definitely yes! All the meals, drinks, snacks, even costs of transportation (if necessary during a tour or class) are covered. During the Food Tour, we will treat you to approx. 15 different food and drink tastings, on the Vodka Tour you will try 12 tastings of vodkas and food, and on the Beer Tour you will try 9-10 tastings of beer, and enjoy an additional full meal. Still, you may want to have some spare cash if you wish to buy something on the way (like a glass of wine or a bottle of vodka to take home:).

The Food Tour tour lasts 4 hours and the Vodka Tour and Beer Tour are approx. 3.5 hours (sometimes a bit longer, in all cases:). We do not spend the entire time eating or drinking, but also walking and discovering Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. You can be sure that these walks are really helpful after tasting these delicacies.

Our Tours aim to be a customized, personal experience of discovering Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk, its food, vodka, beer and history. In order to guarantee that, the minimum group size is two and the maximum is 8. Everyone is welcome, so be prepared to meet new friends, as other guests might join.

Please note that we have special offers for organized groups bigger than 8, so please contact us for details.

Eat Polska tours are independent tasting walks which aim at exposing you to the best culinary experience. Therefore, you can be sure that each and every place was carefully chosen by our local team in Warsaw, Krakow or Gdansk. The establishments we will take you to are those where we go ourselves or would often take our visiting friends so you can be sure of their highest quality.

Food Tour: The golden rule of Polish hosts is to serve the amount of food that will make a table collapse. If you enjoy Polish food, you may be sure that a tour makes for a full meal with a dessert. It will be a good idea to eat just breakfast. Please, skip lunch or you won’t be able to try everything as approx. 15 food and drink tastings will be served. We would describe the amount of food served as abundant dinner.

Vodka Tour: We are going to taste at least 6 different kinds of vodka, served in 20ml portions. Each shot of vodka is going to be accompanied with a typical vodka dish. You should not be hungry after the tour, still the focus is on drinking. Most guests tell us the description on the website underestimates the amount of food served during the tour, though:) We would describe the amount of food served as proper lunch.

Beer Tour: We are going to taste 9-10 different beers, served in 100-150 ml glasses, accompanied with typical beer snacks. But don’t worry, you won’t be hungry as one full-size meal is going to be served during the tour.

Please refer to maps in the ‘Contacts‘ section to read descriptions and see maps showing all locations.

You will be joined by one of our culinary experts who will reveal all the secrets of Polish cuisine to you. We’re not city tour guides who decided to talk about food, we’re real enthusiasts and are really passionate about culinary culture. We’re Polish and live in Warsaw or Krakow. Those stories about Christmas we’re going to tell you, we know them from our experience because this is how we celebrate. The strawberry jam recipe? That’s how our grandmothers used to do it! And that funny vodka ad we will show you: that’s the one we remember from when we were young. The stories you will hear are based on knowledge and research but you can’t beat personal experince when it comes to food culture stories and we have it! Among us there are journalists, food bloggers, translators and interpreters, restaurant managers and academics. You can get to know us a little better beforehand by clicking ‘The Team’ section on the website menu.

All our tours can be paid for online, using our booking system. We accept Visa, Maestro and MasterCard. If you don’t have one of those cards or have problems with the payment, we also offer PayPal payment, however a 5% processing fee will apply. Please note we don’t accept bookings that are not prepaid. Unfortunately, we’ve had some bad experience with no-shows and because of prepayments we make that leaves us with bills to pay:( If you’re making a last minute booking, please contact us and in some cases you may pay on the spot to the guide. All prices are quoted in PLN (Polish Złoty). In case of larger groups booked long in advance we also offer payment in EUR via bank transfer, but please note any fees must be covered by the payer.

Yes, we can! We will provide special accommodations for allergies, serious dietary restrictions, and religious and ideological choices. We prefer not to accommodate other preferences, and strictly cannot accommodate vegan guests. We recommend that you come with an open mind, ready to try things you might not ordinarily prefer, trusting that you will undoubtedly find most things easy to like. We reserve the right to refund a reservation if we cannot accommodate a particular dietary restriction. We need to know about any restrictions at least 48 hours prior to your tour, but we prefer to know as soon as possible, so please be sure to check with your party before making the booking. Please also note, that sometimes the replacements offered may not be 100% Polish classics, as our cuisine heavily relies upon meat, mostly pork. Also, in some cases, a special diet menu may include fewer tastings (but still the same amount of food; e.g. instead of tasting two small portions of soup, you may be served a full portion of one of them; instead of tasting Polish sausage and cheese, you may be served a bigger serving of cheese etc).


You’re more than welcome to join our Food Tours with kids. If your child doesn’t need a separate seat and plate, we won’t charge you anything extra (this is an option for kids between 0-3 y.o.). For children between 4-12 y.o. we offer a special 50% discounted price. Kids of 12 y.o. and older are welcome to join at full price. We believe culinary education should start as early as possible, so the menu served to children will be the regular one (we don’t offer special kids menus).

Please note that as the legal drinking age is 18 in Poland we don’t accept minors on our Vodka Tours nor Beer Tours.