Online Q&A session: Know Polish Food?

Let’s meet and talk about Poland and Polish Food!

Now that travelling, meeting and spending time together is very difficult or impossible, let’s not miss a chance to get together and talk about things we love.

Our free online Q&A session is an opportunity to meet around a virtual table to discuss all things Polish, but most importantly: FOOD!

Have you been to Poland and came across a curiosity you’d like to know more about? Is your family Polish and would like to share your grandma’s recipe? Are you fascinated with Polish culture and would like to understand more? Let’s chat!

Will you join us?

What To Expect?

We will start with a brief intro setting the context of each session:

• Do Polish people eat everything with potatoes?
• How many soups are there in Poland?
• What’s the most traditional food for Christmas?
• Is Polish vodka better than Russian?
• Should we say pierogi, pierogies or peroges?

We will then discuss the main topic with you, looking forward to your questions, comments, stories you’d like to tell.