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We’re not yet another tour company. We’re food lovers, vodka experts, beer geeks and guides in one. We will not tell you about pierogi, read your guidebook for that! Instead, we take you for a journey into flavours and culture of Polish Cuisine.
We run our tours in WARSAW, KRAKOW and GDANSK.

If you want to discover the rich, multidimensional world of traditional Polish food and beverages, join us for one of our exceptional tasting expeditions! You can choose from 4 different delicious, rich experiences, during which you will find out that Polish dishes are inevitably connected with our folklore, history and culture. During our Food Tour or pierogi making class we will share with you all the intriguing tales and anecdotes regarding our cuisine.

For those who are more interested in our culture of drinking we have a special offer. Join us for a Polish vodka or a craft beer tour, during which you will learn more about the history and manufacturing process of distillation or brewing. It will be also an amazing beer or vodka tasting experience! Do not hesitate and book an amazing, delicious adventure! Our English-speaking guides are locals who know everything about our folklore, culture and history of regional cuisine and beverages.



When booking our new Morning Market Tour in Warsaw for 2 people, the 3rd spot is only 50% of the regular price! Bring your friends and discover the markets of Warsaw!

Trace the Polish taste and culture

Have you ever wondered why Polish people miss the food from the ‘good old times’ of the 1970s, why the invitation for ‘a cup of coffee’ might be dangerous and why the good quality of bread is almost sacred in Poland? You will get all the answers during our Food Tour, when you will not only try delicious traditional dishes, but also hear some fascinating tales related to the regional and national cuisine. We will spend the half-day tasting some fine cooking in 4 or more different places, so prepare yourself to eat a hearty meal. Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes – we will also take some walks!


Explore Polish drinking culture

There is so much more to this popular alcohol than you can experience during some terrible pub crawls! That is why we want to provide you with some cultural and historical insight into the importance and meaning of vodka in our country. During the tour to 3-4 different bars and restaurants you will have the opportunity to try some of the best Polish vodkas and typical food pairings called “zakąski”. But that’s not all! Our qualified guide will share with you amusing anecdotes and intriguing stories about Poles’ respect and love for local spirits and answer all the questions you might have.


Visit the markets and meet locals

Food markets are the best representations of what is seasonal and local. Do you want to see behind the scenes and get really close to where the locals shop? Start your day with our tour and the breakfast in a super-trendy cafe, chat with the shopkeepers at the famous food market (we’ll be there to translate!) and then head for a lunchtime glass of Polish wine along with some mouth-watering street food. If you like beer, we’ll have something for you, too! You will spend a couple of hours discovering the real city, listening to stories from our foodie experts and hanging around in the most delicious food spots.


Join the craft revolution

Do you want to learn something about the history and traditions of Polish beer drinking culture? With the hype for craft beers reaching its momentum in Poland, our tour is your best choice! We will provide you with some insight into the world of local and domestic craft breweries, while sharing anecdotes and answering all the questions about this world-famous amber brew. Take the Beer Tour with us!


Hands-on lesson in Polish food culture

You have probably heard about the famous Polish pierogi, but have you ever tried to make them? Join our class and learn how to prepare this traditional, delicious meal the way our grandmothers used to! Our cooking experts will show you how to prepare pierogi so delicious, that you will have no other choice but to eat them afterwards!


Unforgettable Polish culinary adventure

Poland has so much to offer that a city tour will never be enough. Plan for a couple of days in Poland and we will take you for a foodie journey to remember forever! Choose from one of our suggested itineraries or we will craft a culinary holiday especially for you. Breathtaking Polish vineyards, award-winning organic farms, spectacular fine-dining countryside restaurants, breweries, distilleries and unspoiled nature — all that awaits you in Poland. Take a multiday culinary tour with us!



We’re Polish and live in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk

Those stories about Christmas we’re going to tell you, we know them from our experience because this is how we celebrate. The strawberry jam recipe? That’s how our grandmothers used to do it! And that funny vodka ad we will show you: that’s the one we remember from when we were young. The stories you will hear are based on knowledge and research but you can’t beat personal experience when it comes to food culture stories and we have it!