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10 Top Breakfast Spots in Warsaw

We’ve all heard that a good breakfast is a must. It boosts your energy and you lose weigh.. Not. Still, at Eat Polska we all like to relax, hang out with friends, and get ready for a new day. We’ve made it through a bunch...

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5 Truly Polish Pierogi Fillings

You’ve made it to Poland and you have a to-do list. You know that you have to see the Old Town in Warsaw, the Cloth Hall in Kraków, and you need (not!) to lick walls in Wieliczka salt mine. You want to try some good...

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10 Best Places for Breakfast in Krakow

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a reason. Not only does it give us the energy for the day, it can be super delicious and versatile as well: sweet, savory or both! Remember, you have a whole day to burn...

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Greatest Myths About Vodka, Part 2

Here comes the second batch of insider's knowledge on the basics of vodka: trust us, we're mad for it and want you to be, too! How to drink vodka? Where does it comes from? And can it replace your warmest jacket? Part 2 of our...

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Greatest Myths About Vodka, Part 1

Have you noticed most knowledge about vodka available in English actually comes from non-Eastern European authors? This usually means repeating the same stereotypes over and over again. Here at Eat Polska, even though we write in English, we're all Polish and we keep digging and scratching...

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5 Iconic Polish Soups You Have To Try

If you ever find yourself invited to a Polish dinner served in a traditional style, you’ll be most likely faced with a Polish soup as one of the two main courses. Same story if you go to a Polish wedding party, baptism dinner, First Communion dinner...

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10 Best Bars in Warsaw To Hang Out With Your Friends

Benjamin Franklin once said that beer was the proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. On a more pragmatic note, he also pointed out that unlike wine and beer, water contains bacteria. Taking into consideration words of a wise man we...

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KONKURS: Zrób nam doodle’a! / CONTEST: Do you doodle?

Zaprojektuj dla nas doodle’a i wygraj wycieczkę kulinarną albo 500 PLN! / Design a doodle for us and win a culinary tour or 500 PLN (approx. 115 €)! Lubimy jeść, lubimy pić, lubimy o tym opowiadać. Lubimy też ładne rzeczy. Dlatego: cześć, szukamy Was! Ukrytych...

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