10 Top Breakfast Spots in Warsaw

We’ve all heard that a good breakfast is a must. It boosts your energy and you lose weigh.. Not.


Still, at Eat Polska we all like to relax, hang out with friends, and get ready for a new day. We’ve made it through a bunch of popular (and off-the beaten track) breakfast spots to choose the ones we like most. So when you’re in Warsaw,  you need to check them out.  Before you start reading, don’t be surprised that there’s nothing like a typical Polish breakfast. Some of us eat porridge or millet, some of us grab an open faced sandwich with either cheese or ham, or maybe smoked mackerel. Some people skip breakfast whatsoever. But you can’t go wrong with eggs, so anywhere you go, they will give you eggs from the happiest hens in the entire world.


01. Bułkę przez Bibułkę

open weekdays at 8 am, weekends at 9 am


photo: Bułkę przez Bibułkę


White brick walls, one long common table, a bunch of small tables, nice vases with flowers. A perfect place for good foodporn photos. Bułkę przez bibułkę offers breakfast sets – sweet French breakfast (14 PLN), sweet pancakes with fresh fruit (15 PLN), bagles with eggs (and bacon), bagles with cream cheese and salmon, or bagles with hummus and baked beets (11-15 PLN), and all types of sandwiches (13-18 PLN). All breads are baked on the spot, all the ingredients are organic, products are seasonal. You can ask for a vegetarian or vegan option and the kitchen will be happy to address your needs. Our favorite breakfast is omlette bagle with crispy bacon and a cup of good old cappuccino (5 PLN if you order a breakfast set). The food is fresh and yummy. The staff is extremely nice (what is really uncommon for popular places). Sometimes it gets crowded.

Bułkę przez Bibułkęul. Zgoda 3 or ul. Puławska 24 


02. SAM Kompleks Gastronomiczny

open weekdays at 8:00 am, weekends at 9 am


photo: Magda Gendźwiłł / Eat Polska


Depending on your accomodation, you can choose between 3 different spots (close to the library, close to the central railway station, and in Żoliborz district). Our favorite is the SAM located close to the University Library. They serve the best porridge in town (17 PLN). And the best sandwiches. Our morning fav is a bagle with egg paste and roasted veggies (15 PLN). They offer breakfast sets (30-35 PLN) and if you want to experience something closest to „the Polish breakfast” order a classic set with egg paste, farmer’s cheese with chives and fermented cucumber, ham with cheese and horseradish cream. If you prefer something more fancy, you can get shakshukas, farmer’s eggs, toasts, etc.


After you’ve finished your breakfast, go downstairs to see bakers forming bread rolls, baguettes, and bagles. Don’t forget to grab some fresh sweet bread rolls with rose jam (you will need them for your snack-on-the-go.)

SAM Kompleks Gastronomiczny, ul. Lipowa 7 a (close to the University Library)


03. Być Może

open weekdays at 7 am, weekends at 9 am


photo: Magda Gendźwiłł / Eat Polska


A very popular spot located close to the Łazienki Park. From 7 am to 11:30 am you can order a breakfast set (17-19 PLN). It includes freshly baked bread, jam, coffee/tea/cocoa, and omlette of your choice (our favorite is asparagus and prosciutto or figs and goat cheese). Apart form breakfast sets, Być Może offers a wide array of pancakes, crepes (our favorite are quark pancakes with apples and cinnamon), toasts, breakfast links, and porridge

Być Może, Bagatela 14


04. Kawiarnia Fawory

open weekdays at 8 am,  weekends at 9 am


photo: Magda Gendźwiłł / Eat Polska


Located in Żoliborz, Fawory is a cozy place that brews perfect coffee and offers great breakfasts. You can choose between all sorts of eggs (we love eggs with peanuts, zucchini, and ginger) and sandwiches. If you happen to be starving, order „everything plate”. We love it because it has everything – a fried egg, a vegetarian spread, a typical Polish farmer’s cheese with chives (actually, they offer the best fresh cheese in town!), good sourdough bread and some veggies.

Prices: from 12 to 20 PLN for breakfast sets

Kawiarnia Fawory, ul. Mickiewicza 21


05. Piekarnia Aromat

open weekdays at  7 am, saturday at 8 am, sunday closed


photo: Piekarnia Aromat


A tiny and cozy bakery that has good coffee and amazing pastry. They offer a breakfast set (scrambled eggs with their home made bread rolls, jam, and butter for 13 PLN), but it’s not a place to eat eggs. You should come here to enjoy truly French petit dejeuner – amazing croissants, pain au chocolate, American cinnamon (or pistacchio) rolls. Everything baked behind a huge glass wall. Sneak-peaking is a must!

Brekfast sets – 12-15 PLN
Croissants and pastries– from 4 to 16 PLN

Piekarnia Aromat, ul. Sienna 39


06. Roślina Cafe

open on sundays at 10 am, rest of the week at 9 am
photo: Roślina cafe

Located in a tiny corner of Bielany district, Roślina (a plant in Polish ) is a great vegetarian place. Breakfasts sets (10-13 PLN) include free-range organic scrambled eggs, vegetarian sausage links, hummus, porridge or granola. But if you want your taste buds to experience something new, order a cheddar sandwich with fresh oranges and sauerkraut or vegetarian pate sandwich.

Bring your dog!

Roślina Cafe, ul. Schroegera 80


07. Aioli

open every day at 9am


photo: Aioli


Aioli is one of the most popular spots in Warsaw. Industrial interiors, acceptable food, and amazing breakfast prices. From Monday to Friday, the breakfast costs you a price of a cup of coffee of your choice plus 1 PLN. In practice it means that you can eat for as little as 8 PLN. What can they get you? An egg and bacon sandwich, or a French brioche with a selection of preserves, or a salmon egg sandwich, or breakfast links with eggs (in our humble opinion, this is the weakest link). On the weekends, you pay for your breakfast set (from 12,90 PLN to 19,90 PLN) and you get your morning Joe for as little as 1 grosz.

Aioli, ul. Świętokrzyska 18 and Plac Konstytucji 5


08. Nabo Cafe

open weekdays at 8 am, weekends  at 9 am


photo: Nabo Cafe


Two years ago, readers of an important Polish daily newspaper voted Nabo to be the best Warsaw resturant. In fact, this Danish-inspired restaurant is a perfect spot for families with children. So even if your hotel is downtown, you may want to escape to Nabo to get your morning retreat. Nabo offers great breakfast sets (10-25 PLN) that include freshly baked cinnamon rolls and coffee, salmon bagles with shrimp and pesto, morning spread set. Their barista brews perfect coffees, their playroom is spacious and interesting (your morning retreat), their food is fresh and great.

Nabo Cafe, Zakręt 8

09. Charlotte

open every day at 7 am.


photo: Magda Gendźwiłł / Eat Polska


Charlotte was the first real French bakery in town. It’s located in the Hipster Place and once you get there, you will understand why it is officially called that way. Charlotte attracts crowds, so it might take some time for a waiter to notice you. She or he might eventually forget about your order. Warsaw people joke that the first sign of the doom coming soon is getting at Charlotte what you’ve actually ordered. But you sacrifice your time (and patience), because Charlotte has one of the best croissants in Warsaw. And they are always willing to pour some chilled prosecco, as well. You can check their menu here. We like breakfast with eggs (18 PLN) that comes with home-made preserves or chocolate creme and a cup of coffee and Charle’s breakfast – breakfast with eggs plus some booze (25PLN).

Charlotteplac Zbawiciela and plac Grzybowski


10. Vincent

open everyday at 6 am


photo: Vincent


Vincent is like a reminiscence of your first visit to Paris – it smells of butter and fresh croissants. They come with different fillings, e.g. raspberry, marzipan, and good old dark chocolate (5-7 PLN).

If you prefer savory stuff, opt for sandwiches (16-18 PLN) with roasted beef and veggies, or ham and cheese. We like our breakfasts warm, so we order baked eggs with salad and baguette (and some butter, of course).

On your way home, grab some really nice macarons.

Vincent, ul. Chmielna 21



Our number 11 for breakfast is a popular Warsaw coffee chain – Green Caffe Nero. We go there to eat a morning sandwich with an outstanding Koryciński cheese. It’s said to be the first cheese produced in Poland… ever! The recipe is protected by the European Union, it can be made only in two villages in North-eastern Poland, so it’s a cheese marvel. The one with nigella seeds just blows your taste buds! The price of a sandwich is 9,50 PLN, but a sandwich/coffee combo is just 16 PLN!


Text: Magda Gendźwiłł
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