Eat Gdansk & Gdynia: We’re Launching Tours in Tricity!

When the family grows, it’s time to celebrate! And this March we’re happy and proud to announce that our Eat Polska project is now a family of three: Warsaw, Krakow and Tricity! Wait a sec, Tri… what?! You may have not heard this name but at the same time, may have already booked your holidays in one of the hotels there!:)


Do you know Gdansk? This super-popular seaside tourist destination of Northern Poland is part of what, when you grow up in Poland, you take for granted as an obvious combo: the Tricity. Composed of three very different cities, each element of the jigsaw brings in something unique: historical importance of Gdansk, party vibe of Sopot and modern elegance of Gdynia.


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Our team on the spot are three fantastic locals who will be your guides in discovering where to wine and dine, whether the ‘fresh fish’ was really caught in the Baltic sea or shipped frozen and which vodka is made from the local potatoes of Kaszuby region. Magda works for an international company and is a food blogger writing about the healthiest and most delicious stuff out there. Oh, wait: the name of her blog actually says it all! Daniel is an active cook and his passion took him to the finals of Polish Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen where he gathered experience under the supervision of the first Polish Michelin Star chef. Piotrek is the polyglot in our team: he works as a translator and interpreter (check his Croatian skills, if you dare!), has experience as tourleader but most of all he’s a keen foodie and cultural explorer.


photo: Eat Polska


Ok, but what about the food?


photo: Eat Polska


We spent the whole winter visiting the Tricity restaurants and bars, talking to chefs and waiters, reading blogs and recommendations and here we are: ready to give you the ultimate food and culture experience in the north of Poland.

The Vodka Tour takes place in the old part of Gdansk: it’s among renaissance houses and gothic churches where you will be discovering the meanders of Polish vodka. And soul. Because Polish vodka is actually so much about Polish soul.


photo: Eat Polska


You know we always strive to provide the most amazing culinary experience and that’s why our Tricity food research led us to Gdynia, which is where our Food Tour takes place.



Gdynia is the newest, most tranquil and modern of the three cities and is easily accessible from both Gdansk and Sopot. The food scene in Gdynia is amazing: there’s a bunch of super-creative chefs there who take utmost care in selecting fresh, seasonal products for their restaurants and what they prepare out of it blew our minds. Our starting point for the Tricity Food Tour is the SKM (local light rail) platform of Gdynia Główna and we provide detailed instructions of how to get there.

We’re super-excited and are looking forward to welcoming you on our Tricity tours!

Smacznego & na zdrowie!


Text: Michał Sobieszuk
We’re Eat Polska. We run culinary tours about food and vodka in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk. We’re also passionate foodies and city explorers, and this blog is where we share our hints with you